Scuderia News - Notizie della Scuderia - Season 2023

25.09.2023 - Tristan Reignier secures the Swiss Vice-Championship Buggy Nitro 2023... 👌
The Scuderia Scampi Rosso started almost on a white sheet of paper in this season, trusting in young swiss talents...and it paid off... - Tristan Reignier secured the Vice-Championship in 1/8th Buggy Nitro whith a well driven 3rd place in this weekend's race in Cornaux Neuchatel... On top of this Killian Dunand secured a more than deserved 7th place in the swiss schampionship. All our #RC8B4 worked top-notch and were fine-tuned thanks of the knowledge of the Ongaro Familiy and their #OngProducts, making these cars faster... Big Thanks to Sven Rudig who provides us with the basic prerequisite to perform our sport at this level.
Finally congratulations to Jokosse (Joachim Kallen) for a well deserved Championship this year... Hope to see you all this winter on carpet tracks, before starting next year's season with "full steam ahead"...💪💪


10.09.2023 - Swiss Nats Buggy 1/8th Nitro in Lausanne
Tristan Reignier wins his second race of this season and Killian Dunand takes a strong P4...👌
Last weekend we raced the 5th rd. of the swiss nats on the perfectly prepared facility of the MBLR racetrack in Lausanne. All our #RC8B4 were nicely dailed in for the demanding conditions (31° C) thanks. We have to go back some 10 years where we had two AE cars in a V8OR expert main final. But yesterday we achieved the best result since those golden days with the win of Tristan Reignier and the 4th place of Killian Dunand. Their mechanics Guillaume and Mimich did a great job of adapting the powerunits to prevent flame outs during the 45 minute final. Finally also Beat Knutti managed to grab another podium in the 40+ final finishing 3rd.
Our team gets bigger and stronger and we are sure, if the bad luck ends, we'll even see more fast guys also racing at the top in the amateur class. 💪🔥


21.08.2023 - RC8B4e Domination at E8OR Swiss Nats Rd. 7&8 plus '23 Championship... 🔥🔥🔥
Last weekend we had the last two rounds of the E-Buggy Swiss Nats at Neuchâtel Mini Buggy Club - NMBC where the #RC8B4e platform dominated the A-main action... 8/12 cars in Rd. 7 and 5/10 cars in Rd. 8... 💪
Rd. 7 was used by the Scuderia to test for the upcoming Nitro Nats in Sept. Young Tristan Reignier was the winner in front of Stefan Sidler and Beat Knutti. In Rd. 8 Stefan Sidler was on Top of the podium and also took the '23 Championship title in the BLS class in Switzerland... 🏆 - Our cars were powered with components from #Ruddogracing #Reedypowered and stayed on track thanks of #matrixtires and #hotracetyres
Further results were:
Rd7: P5 - Adriano Mariotto, P8 - Joel Rubli, P9 - Cedric Pellet, P11 - Manuel Dietrich, P12 - Pascalino Agostinelli
Rd8: P4 - Adriano Mariotto, P5 - Joel Rubli, P6 - Manuel Dietrich, P10 - Cedric Pellet


13.08.2023 - Tristan Reignier wins undisputed the Gap GP in Nitro

Tristan Reignier wins the 2023 edition of the GP of Gap/F in Nitro with his Runner Time powered #RC8B4 race car and takes P3 in the BLS class with his RC8B4e ..
Great Job man... 💪🔥


10.07.2023 - Tristan Reignier takes EC B Podium in Juniors Final...
Back from the Euro B in Longvic, where we can continue the current season with a lot of new knowledge. Thanks to the great help of Davide Ongaro and Verry from Matrix Racing Tires, the two young talents of the Scuderia delivered a good performance on their first Euro appearance. Tristan Reignier qualified on P17 and Killian Dunand on P67. Killian started his 1/32 final with a top pace that would have gone a long way to the front. Unfortunately after 9 laps his steering servo failed which meant his early end of this event. Tristan also started his 1/4 final well, but the tire choice did not match the setup change, so too many mistakes prevented his entry into Semi A.
As a consolation Tristan was rewarded with a very good second place in the Junior Final. His RC8B4 powered by Runner Time Top16 EU Fuel worked very well with the Matrix Blackhole tires...Also pleasing was the second place of Anastasia Förg, the girlfriend of Aaron Rönick, who finished the Ladies Final as a great second.
Thanks to all who support us and congratulations to Joachim Kallen (aka JOKOSSE), who found shelter in the tent of Scuderia Scampi Rosso and finished this Euro as best Swiss on 9th place... 💪🔥👌


02.07.2023 - Three #RC8B4 in the finals of the Swiss Nats Rd 3 in Montagny...
The ORCM hosted Rd 3 of the Swiss Nats this weekend and the ever growing Scuderia Scampi Rosso had two young guns in the Expert main final. Rd 1 winner Tristan Reignier qualified himself on P2 and started the main from P4 leading the race for 15+ minutes. Then some little mistakes costed too much time in the tight race, finishing as good 4th. The new #Ruddog Team Driver Killian Dunand delivered a very strong 6th place in his first apperance with the RC8B4...💪🔥.
In the Amateur final young Thomas Beti finished 8th. We were delighted how many RC8B4 were at the start on the best track in Switzerland, learning to make their cars faster and faster...
Tristan and Thomas' engines have reliably been powered by Runner Time TOP 16% EU fuel... 🔥👌


19.06.2023 - Father and Son M&S Koller sweep Truck class on Swiss Nats Rd.3...💪🔥
Last weekend the EOCD - Elektro Offroad Club Dielsdorf hosted Rd3 pf the Swiss Nats on a well prepared dirt track with hard but fair racing action...
On Saturday Markus Streuli and Kilian Schuler won the Senior and Junior classes in 2WD with their #RC10B6.4 racecars. On sunday we are delighted to see a Son/Father sweep on the podium thanks to Sven & Michel Koller, winning and securing 2nd place in the 2WD Truck class with their well prepared #RC10T6.3... Routine AE Driver Markus Streuli securde a solid 7th place in the 4WD class...💪


05.06.2023 - Tough days in Gland on the Swiss Nats Rd 2 in Gland (BCLC)...
Last weekend the Buggy Club La Côte Bclc hosted rd. #2 of the Swiss Nats 1/8th Nitro on their greatly prepared track in Gland.
The top driver of Scuderia Scampi Rosso, Tristan Reigner from France, qualified quite strongly in fifth place during qualifying. In his expert semi-final, a ball bearing failed at a crucial point, so that the young AE junior had to bury his bump-up for the main final in seventh place (he drove 12 minutes of the final partly only with front-wheel drive). Young gun Thomas Berti (AE privateer from Geneva) qualified excellently as sixth for the amateur final. Due to a crash (not his fault) Thomas lost his rear wing and finished the race in twelfth position.
Only Beat Knutti, who finished fifteenth in the expert class overall, took an SRCCA cardboard trophy in the Senior Final in third place for the Scuderia. Our Ruddog / ONG Edition OS engines ran solid and reliable thanks to RunnerTime EU Top16 fuel. Next stop will be round #3 on our home soil... 🔥🔥🔥


04./05.06.2023 - "The Diggler" and "Manu" ruled Rd 1&2 of E8OR in Switzerland...🔥😍
The RC Racing Club Arlesheim - RCRCA hosted the first two races of the Swiss Championship 1/8 Electric. Thereby the two new Ruddog Distribution team drivers of Switzerland, Dirk Stammler and Manuel Dietrich , dominated the action in an impressive way. Dirk (2x TQ) and Manu (2x P2) underlined the undisputed potential of the #RC8B4 BLS Plattform in qualifying. Both drivers also took the race wins on both events. Dirk won Saturday's race while Manuel climbed to the top of the podium on Sunday. - RC8B4e.... what else 😜
We rate this as "Hammertime" for both of our boys...💪💪
07.05.2023 - First win of RC8B4 on Swiss Nats in Expert in V8OR
Tristan Reignier wins Rd 1 of the Swiss Championships in Expert class for Team Associated!!!
Sometimes a change pays off... Tristan Reigner can rightfully claim this today. In his first race for the Scuderia Scampi Rosso in the expert class in Switzerland, young Tristan Reignier wins his first race with his #RC8B4 and with the help of his father.
The Frenchman underlines his potential with claiming the best qualifying time and the fastest lap in the 45 minutes final.
Great Job Tristan...


06/07.05.2023 - Swiss Nats E10OR in Härkingen
Solid performance of Team Associated Switzerland during Rd 2 of the E10OR Nats 2023
The well known track of Team Kaju-Racing in Härkingen hosted Rd2 of the Swiss Nats 1/10 offroad electric classes... We are more than happy that a whole bunch of #teamassociated rcaing cars performed solidly over the weekend. Here the rankings of our guys :
2WD /2WD Stock: P8 Joel Rubli, P9 Dirk Stammler, P11 Markus Streuli, P12 Manu Dietrich - P7 Kilian Schuler, P8 Martin Gifford
4WD/2WD Truck: P8 Manu Dietrich - P3 Joel Rubli
Great Job 💪💪💪


05.03.2023 - Victory for Aaron Rönick in Bütschwil 2023
Aaron Rönick wins the Bütschwil 2023 nitro season opener in Switzerland 🔥💪
Team Associated strongest brand in both mains 🔥💪
Aaron Rönick with his #Ruddog #ebisbytdr powered #RC8B4 have been the unbeatable combo during this great 1/8 nitro race in Bütschwil. With his fourious pace Aaron took the deserved win with the fastest lap in the 45 minute final.
Alongside with Aaron we had another four RC8 in the was only Beat Knutti (finished 15th overall) who missed the main by only half a lap...
In the BLS class Stefan Sidler took the win ahead of youngster Joel Rubli 💪
Nitro - 5x RC8B4 / B3.2:
P1 - Aaron Rönick/GER, P5 - Noah Kaufmann/AUT, P7 - Sven Koller/CHE, P8 - Fabian Widmer/CHE, P9 - Stefan Sidler/CHE --- #WeAreAE ... what else...
BLS - 4x RC8B4e / B3.2e:
P1 - Stefan Sidler/CHE, P2 - Joel Rubli/CHE, P7 - Lukas Segato/AUT, P8 - Thomas Gysling/CHE


04.03.2023 - TQ for Team Associated in Bütschwil 2023...

Swiss Nitro season opener - Aaron Rönick takes TQ in style with his #Ruddog powered #RC8B4 💪🔥
Out from the 60 drivers we qualified 6 #WeAreAE RC8 straight for the semifinals:
P1 - Aaron Rönick
P3 - Noah Kaufmann
P5 - Stefan Sidler
P9 - Fabian Widmer
P11 - Sven Koller
P16 - Beat Knutti


13.02.2023 - Davide Ongaro dominates the Montpellier GP 2023...


Congratulations to Davide Ongaro and Tom Robin for their great results at this years Montpellier GP 2023 💪💪🔥🔥