Scuderia News - Notizie della Scuderia - Season 2023

07.05.2023 - First win of RC8B4 on Swiss Nats in Expert in V8OR
Tristan Reignier wins Rd 1 of the Swiss Championships in Expert class for Team Associated!!!
Sometimes a change pays off... Tristan Reigner can rightfully claim this today. In his first race for the Scuderia Scampi Rosso in the expert class in Switzerland, young Tristan Reignier wins his first race with his #RC8B4 and with the help of his father.
The Frenchman underlines his potential with claiming the best qualifying time and the fastest lap in the 45 minutes final.
Great Job Tristan...


06/07.05.2023 - Swiss Nats E10OR in Härkingen
Solid performance of Team Associated Switzerland during Rd 2 of the E10OR Nats 2023
The well known track of Team Kaju-Racing in Härkingen hosted Rd2 of the Swiss Nats 1/10 offroad electric classes... We are more than happy that a whole bunch of #teamassociated rcaing cars performed solidly over the weekend. Here the rankings of our guys :
2WD /2WD Stock: P8 Joel Rubli, P9 Dirk Stammler, P11 Markus Streuli, P12 Manu Dietrich - P7 Kilian Schuler, P8 Martin Gifford
4WD/2WD Truck: P8 Manu Dietrich - P3 Joel Rubli
Great Job 💪💪💪


05.03.2023 - Victory for Aaron Rönick in Bütschwil 2023
Aaron Rönick wins the Bütschwil 2023 nitro season opener in Switzerland 🔥💪
Team Associated strongest brand in both mains 🔥💪
Aaron Rönick with his #Ruddog #ebisbytdr powered #RC8B4 have been the unbeatable combo during this great 1/8 nitro race in Bütschwil. With his fourious pace Aaron took the deserved win with the fastest lap in the 45 minute final.
Alongside with Aaron we had another four RC8 in the was only Beat Knutti (finished 15th overall) who missed the main by only half a lap...
In the BLS class Stefan Sidler took the win ahead of youngster Joel Rubli 💪
Nitro - 5x RC8B4 / B3.2:
P1 - Aaron Rönick/GER, P5 - Noah Kaufmann/AUT, P7 - Sven Koller/CHE, P8 - Fabian Widmer/CHE, P9 - Stefan Sidler/CHE --- #WeAreAE ... what else...
BLS - 4x RC8B4e / B3.2e:
P1 - Stefan Sidler/CHE, P2 - Joel Rubli/CHE, P7 - Lukas Segato/AUT, P8 - Thomas Gysling/CHE


04.03.2023 - TQ for Team Associated in Bütschwil 2023...

Swiss Nitro season opener - Aaron Rönick takes TQ in style with his #Ruddog powered #RC8B4 💪🔥
Out from the 60 drivers we qualified 6 #WeAreAE RC8 straight for the semifinals:
P1 - Aaron Rönick
P3 - Noah Kaufmann
P5 - Stefan Sidler
P9 - Fabian Widmer
P11 - Sven Koller
P16 - Beat Knutti


13.02.2023 - Davide Ongaro dominates the Montpellier GP 2023...


Congratulations to Davide Ongaro and Tom Robin for their great results at this years Montpellier GP 2023 💪💪🔥🔥